Terje Gewelt
Hide and Seek

Terje Gewelt: Acoustic Bass and Fender Jazz Bass
Jon Eberson: Electric Guitar
Jason Rebello: Acoustic and Fender Rhodes
Piano Pål Thowsen: Drums and Percussion
Guests: Billy Cobham: Drums
Staffan William-Olsson: Acoustic Guitar

Bass player Terje Gewelt has released his first CD under his own name.
After having played on over forty recordings, the time has come to
present his own music.
All the songs, with the exception of Carla Bley’s «Sing Me Softly of the
Blues», are composed by Gewelt. The music can be described as melodic,
interactive and groove oriented instrumental jazz, played by musicians
with strong identities and impressive command of their instruments.
Along with the renowned Norwegian jazz musicians Jon Eberson and
Pål Thowsen, this recording also features one of the bright young stars
of British jazz, pianist Jason Rebello. Gewelt and Rebello have previously
played together in saxophonist Tommy Smith’s quartet, which resulted in
the Blue Note recording «Peeping Tom».

Guitarist Staffan William-Olsson and drummer Billy Cobham, with whom
Gewelt has worked frequently over the past few years, are also featured
on this unpretentious CD.