Terje Gewelt
Cover (high res)
Pressphoto of Terje Gewelt (high res)
(Photo by Yann Aker)

Terje Gewelt – Bass
Staffan William-Olsson – Guitar
Alfred Janson – Accordion

Special guest:
Karin Krog – Vocal

AZURE is the cool blue of the sky, stretching out over the sea to the horizon, where the two become one. I’ve always lived by the sea. From my hometown, Larvik, on the southeastern coast of Norway, to Los Angeles, Boston and now Oslo, that aware-ness of the sea and sky has always been with me. Lots of room to reflect, relax and replenish the soul, this is the feeling I’ve hoped to capture and convey to you on this recording.

AZURE is a soothing blend of acoustic bass, acoustic steel string and nylon string guitar and warm, old-world accordion. Staffan William-Olsson is a virtuoso guitarist who I’ve been very fortunate to play a lot with over the years. In this setting, his outstanding acoustic guitar playing shines and every detail comes out clear and strong. Alfred Janson is one of Norway’s most respected composers and musicians. His flowing
accordion lines add beauty and depth to the music. In addition to this acoustic trio, I’m very happy to have the eminent Norwegian jazz vocalist Karin Krog on three songs, singing with authority, intelligence and feeling.

AZURE is mesmerizing rubato, bouncing bossa nova, Norwegian traditional, Mediterranean-flavored, playful, deep and light. The absence of drums allows the music to breathe freely. The pristine sound quality reveals the true beauty and character of the acoustic instruments and voice. The changing textures, from duo, trio to quartet are woven together to create a well-balanced,
dynamic and refreshing listening experience.

AZURE is jazz without borders – open, inviting and sure to please.