Terje Gewelt – Bass
Christian Jacob – Piano
Photo of Terje Gewelt (300 dpi)
Cover (300 dpi)

In the fall of 2002 I did a duo (bass and piano) concert tour of Norway with the great pianist and friend Christian Jacob. Since we only performed at venues that offered grand pianos of top quality, I decided to bring my sound engineer Anders Svinndal on tour and record all the concerts.
All the music, except “Moon and Sand” (which was recorded in my studio “The Cookie Factory”), was recorded live in concert.

There is always this special energy in jazz that is recorded live in front of an audience, I think you will find that that is true about this recording also.
My idea with this CD was to capture that energy and intensity, with the sound and recording quality of a studio recording. I think this recording has that.

Unlike many other musicians, I do not have a message or “story to tell” with this CD. You have heard many of these tunes before, but never with these solos. The reason I decided to release this CD, is that I “Hope” the music will inspire the listener in an optimistic way and that it contributes just a tiny bit to make life even more enjoyable. I “Hope”.