Terje Gewelt
Small World

Terje Gewelt – Bass
Bjørn Klakegg – Guitar
Robertinho Silva – Drums and Percussion
Jon Christensen – Drums
Carlos Negreiros – Percussion
Kenneth Ekornes – Percussion

As a musician, I get to travel and see the world in a way I could not if I didn’t play music. In the last year, I’ve been to places as diverse as India, South America, around Europe and above the Arctic Circle. My new CD, “Small World”, is a result of the impressions I’ve gathered along the way.

I’ve always been especially drawn to the music of Brazil. As a young musician, two records which had a big influence on me were Wayne Shorter’s ”Native Dancer” and George Duke’s ”Brazilian Love Affair” which both feature Robertinho Silva on drums. To have the chance to record with him, as well as Carlos Negreiros and Kenneth Ekornes, was therefore a special experience for me.

With ”Small World” I wanted to make a CD that fuses playful grooves with the loose Norwegian rhythmic approach, where of course Jon Christensen is a master. I’m also very happy to feature one of Norway’s most creative musicians, Bjørn Klakegg, on guitar.

”Small World” is a celebration of rhythms and tonal colors. I hope you will enjoy listening to the music as much as I enjoyed making it.